Lowe’s, Rebuilding Together Team Up to repair Homes for the Holidays

Lowe’s Charitable and Educational Foundation donates $7,000 to help low-income family in South Florida.

For Immediate Release

October 25, 2010

Miami, Florida -
- Rebuilding Together and Lowe’s are joining forces to repair the home of a selected family this fall. On Thursday October 28, 2010 Lowe’s volunteers and Rebuilding Together Miami-Dade will make extensive repairs on the home of Mary Adside of Florida City. This project is made possible by a $7,000 grant from the Lowe’s Charitable and Educational Foundation.

Mary Adside has lived in her 2-bedroom, 1bathroom house since it was built in 1959. She is a mother of nine children, ages 45-63; eight of which were raised in the home being repaired. Mrs. Adside is a widow and lives alone with frequent visits from her children and grandchildren. During her 80+ years Mrs. Adside has been a housewife, community volunteer, farm worker and domestic employee. The home has survived many hurricanes over the years and she is grateful for the repairs being completed on October 28th.

“I really appreciate all that Lowe's, Rebuilding Together Miami-Dade and others I don't know are doing for my house. This will make it easier to live in, and may God continually pour out his blessings and prosperity on each and every one of you and those whose lives you touch,” said homeowner Mary Adside. “This will help me enjoy the holidays when my family and friends come to visit. Happy holidays!"

Rebuilding Together and Lowe’s have been working together since 2007, and nearly 370 rebuilding projects have been successfully completed across the country through the partnership. The Lowe’s Charitable and Educational Foundation has awarded $4 million to Rebuilding Together, allowing both organizations to make a difference in communities by providing safe, warm, dry and energy-efficient homes to homeowners in need.

“Lowe’s is in the business of helping people improve and maintain their homes,” said Larry D. Stone, chairman of the Lowe’s Charitable and Educational Foundation. “We are proud to partner with Rebuilding Together to renovate and modify homes for some of our communities’ most vulnerable residents. Lowe’s shares Rebuilding Together’s commitment to creating a safe and comfortable environment to accommodate a homeowner’s special needs.”

Repairs to the Adside home include: replace the bathtub, install handicapped bars, repair 2 windows, replace rear door, re-paint the exterior, replace mail box and tenting the house among other projects.

Lowe’s also funds Rebuilding Together’s AmeriCorps program, CapacityCorps. This program increases the capacity and capability of Rebuilding Together affiliates by focusing on community outreach, project implementation and volunteer recruitment. CapacityCorps fosters the education and advancement of our nation’s future leaders and allows more low-income homeowners and families to experience the lasting effects of a Rebuilding Together rehabilitated home.

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