Positive People in Pinecrest: Patrick Trainor

May 9, 2011

Story from The Pinecrest Tribune

Patrick Trainor. From The Pinecrest Tribune

Palmetto Senior High junior Patrick Trainor believes in helping people. In fact, he has earned most of his community service hours working with an organization called Rebuilding Together Miami-Dade.

"It rebuilds homes for veterans and people who are financially or physically incapable of doing it for themselves." Trainor says. "I've been to a couple of rebuilds and I've worked with different people. I've painted homes, I've cleaned up their homes."

On one rebuild, Trainor says they had to clear a trash-filled yard. Then they landscaped the area and made the yard looks nice.

"He was really appreciative," Trainor says.

When he was on that project, the volunteers were working on a couple of houses that day, with 15 volunteers per house. Trainor says at one place there are usually 20-30 people working.

He likes working with the organization so much that he has taken family and friends to help.

"I like interacting with the people I'm helping," he says. "It's really great. You feel like you are doing something and you really are. There is the emotional component, too. People are so appreciative and they are so excited."

The reason Rebuilding Miami-Dade goes in to work on the projects is because the homeowners can't do it themselves for a variety of reasons, often because they aren't capable financially or physically.

Trainor's participation in Rebuilding Miami-Dade came through his tennis connections. He plays and practices at the Royal Palm Tennis Club and has been on the Palmetto team for three years. He plans to play for Palmetto again next year and says the team just had a good year, going undefeated in the county and ending the season tied for fifth in the state tournament.

"We really played well at states," he says.

This year Trainor was seeded seventh on the team. Next year he expects to be seeded in the top five. He also plays in tournaments outside of school, mostly on the local and state level. He would like to continue play in college.

"I want to play at a Division Three school," he says. "That's the level I can compete at and it offers the academics."

Another way Trainor helps people is through tutoring.

"I tutor AP World History for freshmen," he says.

The students who need help in AP World History are referred to him by the World History teacher. Recently he gave a lecture on China with two other students in the library on a teacher work day. Approximately 60 kids came to hear the lecture. He also tutors in European History and AP Human Geography, even though he's not actually taking the class until his senior year.

"I like history a lot and social sciences, too," he says. "That's what I want to study in college. I want to study economics and history is a good way to do that. I want to go to graduate school and do consulting in the business realm."

At this point, Trainor's top college choice is the University of Chicago because he wants to go to a smaller school that focuses on academics. He's also interested in Haverford and Carnegie Mellon.

His list of school clubs includes the Social Science National Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta, the Science National Honor Society and the National Forensic League. He was a debater last year, but hasn't had time to participate this year.

"I like debate," he says. "I like studying and learning about current events."

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